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Eight convincing advantages

of Desert Cut® tools
Desert Cut® tools have been meticulously developed by our team to significantly enhance the machining of aluminum profiles. The key innovation lies in the elimination of coolant usage, resulting in a dry machining process. This approach offers several advantages:
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Environmental benefits

Thanks to Desert Cut® tools, a substantial quantity of cooling lubricants can be conserved each year. Consequently, the need for large volumes of drinking water and environmentally harmful oils is minimized, along with the resource-intensive processing of old materials. By transitioning to dry machining of aluminum profiles, the environmental impact is significantly reduced, making a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

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Employee protection

By using Desert Cut® tools, your manufacturing facility can experience a significant improvement in air quality. Our innovative tools accomplish this by eliminating aerosols and vapors typically released during the use of cutting fluids. As a result, the negative impact on employee health is significantly reduced, resulting in improved employee protection.

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Significant cost savings

By using Desert Cut® tools and the consequent dry machining, an enormous amount of cooling lubricants can be saved in contrast to wet machining. This results in considerable cost savings.

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Burr-free processing

Our Desert Cut® tools are designed to significantly enhance the surface quality of your machined components. Through special cutting geometry and a coating optimized for dry machining, you can achieve nearly burr-free processing.

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Up to 5 times longer tool service life

The use of Desert Cut® tools can lead to up to 5 times longer tool life. This means fewer tool changes, resulting in time and cost savings.

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Dry chips

The absence of cooling lubricants results in dry chips during machining.
This facilitates handling enormously and, apart from that,
a higher scrap price can be achieved due to better recyclability.

Desert Cut

No need to wash the profiles

In contrast to wet machining, there is no need to wash the aluminium profiles after processing. Such optimization is cost and time saving. This is particularly relevant before subsequent processing such as coating.

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Dry machining of anodized components

Desert Cut® tools can be used to process not only bare aluminium profiles but also already anodized profiles.

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Desert Cut Logo_Trademark

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