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Remarkable savings potential

due to dry machining

As already described in the chapter "Eight convincing advantages of Desert Cut® tools", the use of cooling lubricants results in high costs. In aluminium profile machining, these costs can be reduced tremendously by switching to dry machining. Additionally, costs can be saved due to the burr-free processing and the longer service life of the tools.

The following sample calculation illustrates the feasible savings capability of a machine per year. The calculation is based on a scenario of serial production with an output of 100,000 pieces per year.

Savings via coolant elimination

Sparpotenzial – 1_EN

Savings due to omission of cleaning

Sparpotenzial – 2_EN

Savings due to elimination of deburring

Sparpotenzial – 3_EN

Savings due to tool costs

Sparpotenzial – 4_EN

Total savings potential

Sparpotenzial – 5_EN

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