Metall Kofler maintains its market position as the supplier of precision tools for machining production by means of innovative solutions for customers in the field of customized special tools and in the standard product range.


Metall Kofler is the manufacturer and distributor of innovative precision tools. Our declared objectives are to maintain a partner relationship with our customers, bring in our professional and technological competence and manufacture our products free of defects and as technically and economically as possible.

Operational principles


Continuous renewal of the ISO 9001:2015 certification

Meeting the demands and expectations of our customers

Error prevention comes before error detection

Every employee knows the quality requirements for his/her work

Quality assurance is an integral part of all processes


Cost-optimized order execution
Transparent processes from planning to implementation
Continuous improvement involving all employees

Scheduled deadlines:

Flexibility and on-time delivery
Flexibility thanks to professional competence of the employees
Delivery reliability due to exact order processing

Work safety, accident and health protection for employees:

Elimination of potential hazards by means of systematic inspection of workplaces involving all employees

Protection of the environment:

Environmental awareness of the employees
Compliance with official requirements


Leadership: Open leadership, process orientation and teamwork
Employees: Competence and personal responsibility ensured by means of continuous training
Installations, systems: Efficient and reproducible production using modern equipment
Partners: Partnership-based cooperation with regional specialist companies


The management commits itself and its employees to the fulfilment of defined requirements as well as to compliance with and continuous improvement of these principles.